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Free to Try - the full install can be downloaded - click the Downloads link on the left (some functionality disabled until licensed)
The User Manual can be downloaded from the Downloads page (link on the left)

User Interface


  • user interface is a Microsoft Visual Basic tabbed dialog with 15 tabs including 3 for Geometry, 2 for Properties and 6 for Loads
  • the dialog is filled from the Workbook identified in the Load button procedure
  • path of file may be defaulted to simplify loading of files
  • analysis and output is implemented on Excel Workbooks, one per project
  • older version workbooks can be easily imported into the current version

Video Tutorial

File Tab

Geometry 1

  • used to specify Superstructure and Abutment design parameters
  • each span can be entered as an independent Superstructure Type
  • Continuous or Non-continuous Abutments are defined by simple selection
  • the Geometry 2 tab is for Pier design parameters
  • the Geometry 3 tab is for Live Load Girder Distribution parameters

Video Tutorial

Geometry 1 Tab

Properties 1

  • used to input the Superstructure design parameters
  • different design parameters for each span may be specified
  • spans with identical design parameters may be grouped to simplify data entry
  • the Properties 2 tab is for the properties of the Abutments and Piers

Video Tutorial

Properties 1 Tab


  • used to input Construction Stage Loads, Dead Loads, and Superimposed Dead Loads
  • only one entry required to generate pattern loading during construction
  • pre-designated typical load cases that may be edited
  • Loads 2: - Load Case Grouping Alternatives (enables designs up to 30 axles) and associated Truck Spacing
  • Loads 3: - Truck Loads per Lane and Axle Spacing
  • Loads 4: - Thermal Data for Superstructure and Soil Pressure Data
  • Loads 5: - Shrinkage & Creep and Prestressing Creep

Video Tutorial

Loads 1 Tab

Loads 6

  • used to input Vertical Wind Pressure and Differential Settlement Loads
  • used to simplify data entry by copying Loads from span 1 to remaining spans if applicable.
  • Vertical Wind Load over each span based on deck or superstructure width is automatically generated
  • only single load entries required for Vertical Wind and Differential Settlement;  generation of pattern loads is performed automatically

Video Tutorial

Loads 6 Tab


  • used to specify the number of increments analyzed and reported per span and support
  • used to view calculated values for locations between the increments reported in the results tables
  • used to simplify printing of the results tables (up to 135)
Analysis Tab

Combinations 2

  • calculates max/min combination envelope results for all comparable limit states conditions without generating individual combinations first
  • user defined or CSA-S6-S14 load combinations
  • user defined or CSA-S6-S14 load amplification (distribution) to Exterior and Interior design strips or girders
  • user defined distribution of loads to substructures
  • generates combination for loads on naked girder or composite girder using one model
  • the Combinations 1 tab gives the user total control to calculate any individual combination of interest

Video Tutorial


Combinations 2 Tab

User Interface
Pricing / Order Form



  • conformance with the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code CSA-S6
  • simple and minimal tabular input of structure model and loads for continuous beam, rigid and integral abutment and pier analysis
  • model trucks or vehicle patterns with up to 30 axles
  • named bridge member components rather than numerically identified members
  • simplified and automatic generation of support conditions
  • automatic generation of compression only horizontal reactions to simulate backfill behind abutments acting as supports
  • automatic generation of composite section properties
  • only one model required for all load conditions and construction stages
  • automatic generation of soil pressure relative to temperature expansion and contraction of superstructure for frame bridges
  • automatic patterning of loads such as construction, wind, and differential settlement
  • automatic application of all loads
  • all loads input as positive values except temperature below zero
  • pre-designated load cases that may be edited
  • User requested automatic generation of second and/or third span properties and loads, to match first span input
  • truck axle loads not contributing to the maximum load effects are automatically eliminated from the analysis
  • automatic generation of governing live load effects (truck loads vs. lane loads)
  • differential shrinkage and differential temperature effects between the girders and deck
  • restraint moment load effects from prestressing creep, dead load creep, and shrinkage effects
  • output is very clearly defined
  • output of results is left to right for superstructure and top to bottom for substructure, not dictated by order of input typical of general structural programs
  • User can obtain results at any location on structure without reanalyzing
  • live load moment, shear, and axial distribution factors for Type A, B, C, and D(a) bridge types as per Table 5.1
  • distribution factors for governing interior and exterior girders in positive and negative regions of continuous frames
  • generation of load combinations and application of Loads to Interior and Exterior design strips
  • output is in Microsoft Excel making it very accessible for viewing and generating graphical output
  • longitudinal effects from braking and earthquake loads


User Interface
Pricing / Order Form


  • licenses (Single PC or Site) are issued to Companies. All computers must be registered to run the application with full functionality. When BRIDGframe is run on an unregistered computer, the user will able to register by associating their computer with the Company license using a validation email.
  • a license may be viewed or upgraded using our support page.
  • a license may be purchased using our order page.
  • until registered, the application will run in Demo mode (reduced functionality).
  • special licensing arrangements (site licensing changes, adding 1 additional computer registration, etc.) are available on request (705-446-9694)
  • a 30 day money back guarantee from date of program activation is applicable for first time buyers
  • GST/HST (GST Reg. No.: 836526764) will be applied to all purchases
  • Free to Try - download the BRIDGframe Install and the User Manual (some advanced functionality disabled until licensed and registered)