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Enter Loads 4 to 6

  • Loads 4:
    • used to define Thermal and Soil Pressure Data for Superstructure
    • automatic generation of default values for coefficients
    • initial Soil Pressure required only; changing pressures during movement are automatically generated
  • Loads 5:
    • used to define Shrinkage & Creep of Superstructure Deck and Girders
    • used to input prestressing forces for Prestressing Creep Restraint effects
    • automatic generation of Dead Load Creep Restraint effects
    • input of Earthquake data for longitudinal force effects
  • Loads 6:
    • used to input loads for Vertical Wind Pressure and Differential Settlement
    • used to simplify data entry by copying Loads from span 1 to remaining spans if applicable.
    • Vertical Wind Load over each span based on deck or superstructure width is automatically generated
    • only single load entries required for Vertical Wind and Differential Settlement
    • generation of pattern loads is performed automatically

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