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User Interface - Other Tabs  

Geometry 2

  • used to input the geometry of the Abutments and Piers
  • used to define Continuous or Semi-continuous superstructures by inputting girder condition over piers during construction
  • for non-continuous piers, forces from bearings and application of load at bottom of shoe plate can be included in the analysis
Geometry 2 Tab

Geometry 3

  • used to establish the Live Load Girder Distribution Factors
  • input for Spans may be grouped to simplify data input
  • different design parameters for each span may be specified
Geometry 3 Tab

Properties 2

  • used to input the properties of the Abutments, Piers and Piles
  • not applicable to non-continuous Abutments and Piers
  • section properties are automatically generated
Properties 2 Tab

Loads 2

  • define location of each truck load case relative to each other
  • allows generation of up to 6 single vehicles passing over the structure independently
  • alternatively vehicles may be grouped and then together passed over the structure. 2 groups of 3 vehicles each with up to 15 axles per vehicle or 1 group of 6 vehicles with up to 30 axles may be created
Loads 2 Tab

Loads 3

  • used to input the Truck Loads and Lane Loads per Lane
  • a total of 6 vehicle load configurations may be analyzed in any one run
  • all Truck Load Cases and Truck/Lane combinations are automatically compared

Loads 3 Tab

Loads 4

  • used to define Thermal and Soil Pressure Data for Superstructure
  • automatic generation of default values for coefficients
  • initial Soil Pressure required only; changing pressures during movement are automatically generated
Loads 4 Tab

Loads 5

  • used to define Shrinkage & Creep of Superstructure Deck and Girders
  • used to input prestressing forces for Prestressing Creep Restraint effects
  • automatic generation of Dead Load Creep Restraint effects
  • input of Braking and Earthquake data for longitudinal force effects


Loads 5 Tab

Combinations 1

  • user defined or CSA-S6-S14 load combinations
  • user defined or CSA-S6-S14 load amplification (distribution) to Exterior and Interior design strips or girders
  • user defined distribution of loads to substructures
  • generates combination for loads on naked girder or composite girder using one model
Combinations 1 Tab