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Free to Try - the full install can be downloaded - click the Downloads link on the left
Note: a BRIDGframe Excel model is required - click the Downloads link on the BRIDGframe Product page, then download the Example file..

User Interface


  • user interface is a Microsoft Visual Basic tabbed dialog with 10 tabs including 3 for Properties,  2 for Loads and 2 for Design
  • the dialog is filled from the Workbook opened using the Required BRIDframe Workbook: Load button
  • the default path of file may be saved to simplify loading of files in the future
  • the Required BRIDGsteel Workbook: Load button is used to find and open the Excel workbook to be used for analysis and results output
File Tab


  • used to specify force type and design location
Input Tab

Properties 1

  • used to input the Superstructure design properties and material performance factors
  • imported values from BRIDGframe or defaulted values initially populate sheet
Properties 1 Tab

Properties 2
Input Symmetrical Girder Properties

  • used to input the naked girder section properties
  • standard shapes data base (Input Symmetrical Girder Properties)

  • Calculate Girder Properties (alternative Properties 2 tab)
  • see Properties 3 used for design of deck properties
Properties 2 Tab

Loads 1
Load Cases

Loads 1 Tab

Design 1

  • user may choose to include compression and tension at ULS in design
  • FLS input for moment and shear design
  • provides selection for checking allowable vibration of superstructure

  • see also Design 2

Design 1 Tab


  • used to simplify printing of active Excel sheet results


Print Tab


  • conformance with the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code CAN/CSA-S6-S14
  • simple and minimal tabular input
  • automatic importing of data from BRIDGframe analysis program
  • design of positive and negative moment regions, shear / shear connectors, and vibration
  • SLS, ULS and FLS design
  • naked girder and composite girder design
  • drop-down menu’s of standard steel sections
  • customized plate girder building tool
  • print tab makes printing worksheets simple
  • print results are as per they appear on the worksheets
  • output is very clearly defined
  • output is in Microsoft Excel, making it very accessible for viewing and distribution

User Interface
Pricing / Order Form
Video Tutorials


  • licenses (Single PC or Site) are issued to Companies. All computers must be registered to run the application with full functionality. When BRIDGsteel is run on an unregistered computer, the user will able to register by associating their computer with the Company license using a validation email.
  • a license may be viewed or upgraded using our support page.
  • a license may be purchased using our order page.
  • until registered, the application will run in Demo mode (reduced functionality).
  • special licensing arrangements (site licensing changes, adding 1 additional computer registration, etc.) are available on request (705-446-9694)
  • a 30 day money back guarantee from date of program activation is applicable for first time buyers
  • GST/HST (GST Reg. No.: 836526764) will be applied to all purchases
  • Free to Try - download the BRIDGsteel Install and the User Manual (some advanced functionality disabled until licensed and registered)