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User Interface


  • user interface is a Microsoft Visual Basic tabbed dialog with 14 tabs including 3 for Properties, 2 for Loads, and 6 for Design
  • the dialog is filled from the Workbook identified in the Load button procedure
  • path of file may be defaulted to simplify loading of files
  • analysis and output is implemented on Excel Workbooks, one per project
  • older version workbooks can be easily imported into the current version


Input (Stage 1)

  • design process is divided into stages which are normally selected in order
  • used to specify basic geometry of the girder and general bridge arrangement
  • the Visual Basic tabbed dialog and the associated Excel workbook are adjusted to display only the details required for the Design Stage selected
  • in Design Stage 1 the Geometry of the girder is specified


Input (Stage 2)

  • in Design Stage 2 the Location of the Design is specified

Properties 1

  • used to input the material properties and design parameters
  • tab is not editable for Design Stages 2 and 4
  • the Properties 2 tab is used to input the Mid Span section properties
  • the Properties 3 tab is used to input the Girder Ends section properties and the length of application


Loads 1

  • linear weight per meter of the dead and superimposed dead loads is defined
  • SLS forces from pre-established force envelopes using BRIDGframe or equal are entered
  • the Loads 2 tab is used to enter ULS and FLS force envelopes


Design 1

  • values entered in Design Stages 1 and 3
  • pretensioned strand section properties is input
  • define cross sectional layout of strands within midspan region
  • automated calculation of required jacking force



Design 2

  • values entered in Design Stages 1 and 3
  • define cross sectional layout of strands at girder end
  • designate hold down locations of draped strand groups


Design 3

  • values entered in Design Stages 1 and 3
  • for ULS design at midspan, additional rebar may be added
  • if applicable, temporary pretensioned strands may be added to the girder top to counter primary pretensioning at transfer
  • automated required jacking force determined for temporary strands
  • vibration is checked at this stag
  • the Design 4 tab (for Design Stages 2 and 4) is for user desfined design locations
  • the Design 5 tab (for Design Stages 2 and 4) is for shear design
  • the Design 6 tab (for Design Stages 2 and 4) is for the design of the shear interface between girders and deck




  • simplified printing of Excel worksheets with project information included in preformatted header and footer




  • conformance with the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code CSA-S6
  • simple and minimal tabular input for defining composite girder
  • automated calculation of jacking stress required
  • temporary pretensioned strands at girder top may be input
  • automated calculation of rebar requirements for positive moment connection
  • automated calculation of deck rebar required for negative moments
  • importing of input from previous models
  • in service and under construction design checks
  • pop up error messages during modeling process
  • error summary provided on each worksheet

User Interface
Pricing / Order Form
Video Tutorials


  • licenses (Single PC or Site) are issued to Companies. All computers must be registered to run the application with full functionality. When BRIDGwall is run on an unregistered computer, the user will able to register by associating their computer with the Company license using a validation email.
  • a license may be viewed or upgraded using our support page.
  • a license may be purchased using our order page.
  • until registered, the application will run in Demo mode (reduced functionality).
  • special licensing arrangements (site licensing changes, adding 1 additional computer registration, etc.) are available on request (705-446-9694)
  • a 30 day money back guarantee from date of program activation is applicable for first time buyers
  • GST/HST (GST Reg. No.: 836526764) will be applied to all purchases
  • Free to Try - download the BRIDGwall Install and the User Manual (some advanced functionality disabled until licensed and registered)